Saturday, June 23, 2007

Alexandrian Embassy in Cairo

From the Face book
By: Abdallah Hendawy
Due to the huge numbers of the Egyptian citizens that requesting the Alexandrian Visa , so the Alexandrian Ministy of Forgein Affairs decided the following .

The Egyptian Citizens who are applying for Alexandiran " Chinckl " visa , they must prepare the following .

1- Fill in the Application of requesting the Visa
2-100 Alexandrian Dollars which equals 12,000 L.E
3- 8 Complete pictures for you ( face , and back )
4- Invitation from Alexandrian citizen who has 2 alexandrian parents
the invitaion must be in original , no faxes or printed emails will be accepted )
5- A valid passport for 1 year after going back from Alexandria.
6- Life time Insurence
7- Bank Account approves that you have not less than 100,000 American Dollars or its equal in Alexandrian Dollars
8- Certificate of " TOAFL " ( Test of Alexandrian as Foreign Language )
9- Copy of Plane ticket , as the Land ports of Alexandria will be exclusive for the Alexandian Citizens only .
10- coverage letter from the work distination.
The process of issuing The Visa takes 2 Lunar Months and the primarly accepted Applications will be Interviewd.

Important Remarks for applicants :
A - Alexandria Air ports are only open for the Egyptian Citizen from 10 AM to 11:30AM , after this times they have to wait to the second shift in the second lunar day.
B- No cameras, Mobiles, Electronic watchs or Laptops will be allowed either on board or to entre to Alexandria . ( Handbags are not allowed on board).
C- Egyptian Citizen are only Allowed to come to Alexandria through the Following Air lines companies other wise they will not be permitted to
get in,
1- Air France ( el faransawy beta3 damanhour tanta banha transit )
2- Iberia ( el aspany fi menno transit fi tanta bas )
the most important airline is :
3- S 7 M Airlines mother company ( S 7 M ) Safer 7atmoot Ma7rook which is landing in ( Sidi Gaber Airport ).

Egyptian Citizens are strongly restricted to get on any plane of the Alexandrian Air Ways planes
D- Marriage between Egyptian Citizens and Alexandrian Citizens are strongly forbidden and Any Egyptian Citizen is seeking to Marry any Alexandrian Citizen will be immediately arrested

Written by The Alexandrian Ambassador
Abdallah Hendawy

w yg3aloo 3amer

Posted by Bahz.Baih at 12:29 PM


  1. Blogger Alexandrian far away posted at 3:25 AM  
    Long live the Free Republic of Alexandria.
    Can we please add that Behaira citizens aren't allowed to inter FRA during the summer months?
  2. Blogger المٌهَــــاجِر المَصْـــــــرى posted at 8:05 PM  
    we should control the MOSAYEFEEN trafic. every city has 10 visas.
    cairo, beherah, mansourah, only 10 visas each.
    Also, there will be some places only for Alexandrian such as el montazah, ba7ari and el ma3morah.

    we should work on building a beach for el mosayfeen only.

    I live in New york, so we should think of opening an embassy to Alexandria in New York
  3. Blogger Abdallah posted at 8:41 AM  
    Dear Friends , its Abdallah Hendawy , the one who wrote the above topic.
    i would to tell ( المهاجر المصري ) that i agree we him and inshallah soon we will find a place in new yourk to establish our embassy there ,,,
    by the way for the citizens from the EU we will only establish one embassy in UK as we will have good cooperation with them in the future
    Egyptian Embassador
    Abdallah Hendawy
  4. Blogger عمر posted at 1:30 PM  
    tayeb how about Egyptian citizens with one Alexandrian parent? Do we get the citizenship or what? Or should we have to wait for a Presidential decree? Besides, I always say "tamatem" and "goma" this is the first time i know these are Alexandrian terms...
  5. Blogger اسكندراني اوي posted at 10:51 AM  
    Hi Mr. ambassador
    I would like to greet the Alexandrian government for this rules and regulations to reduce the QTY of MOSAEFEEN in Alex during the summer season
    Plz be informed that voluntarily I will print out this list of rules and distribute it among the non ALEXANDRANS in gulf so they will not violate the rules

    Thanking ur efforts
    My regards to
    And also plz send my special greetings to TOKOSA ( taxi+taxi+taxi+taxi)

    Form اسكندراني اوي
  6. Blogger اسكندراني في الغربة posted at 7:30 AM  
    I hope that
    I hope that
    I hope that
    I hope that
    I hope that
  7. Blogger SHAZLY.NET posted at 4:00 AM  
    Hey alexandrians,
    I'm from alex my self and i say to my fellow alexandrians "let's get real". the worst dirvers ever are from alex and worst dirvers' manners are found in alexandrian taxi, micro-bus and mini-bus drivers "kollohom 3arbageya welad kelab" we almost kol mabasoo2 henak bakoon nake7 wa7ed mnhom we ye2olly ha3melak ma7dar fel esm we lamma ye7es enno hakhdo henak begad ye7sben zay el walaya we yemshy.
    those that experience driving in alex and in cairo more often will sure know what i'm talking about.
    regarding business..Alexandria doesn't have real business-men "shwayet toggar fala7een we sa3ayda we ma3ahom floos". u can't find a real origin brand name or foundation coming from alex to cover all over Egypt, It's the branches' town folks.
    the real deal is that u compare your self with "behera, gharbeya, da'hleya and other akaleem", tayeb dol fala7een webeyeego bel teen wel garab yendafo fe mayet el ba7r ana totally ma3akom fe da, el balad btetneke7 fel sef neka7 el ebel laken alex bardo is small town bel mafhoom el 3alamy lel cities.
    e3rafo 7agmokom we7agmy ma3akom as eskandraneya 3ashan elly bte3emloo da beyda7ak ennas 3aleko.
  8. Blogger الدبور posted at 6:15 PM  
    Racism !
    i don't have Alexandrian friend

    Down Colonialism !
    Long live freedom
  9. Blogger أفندينا posted at 7:48 PM  
    Long live the Free Republic of Alexandria.

    wow...100 Alexandrian Dollars which equals 12,000 L.E...?
    I'm from alex my self and i say to my fellow alexandrians that we will buy the Republic of Cairo
    My regards to every on in the Free Republic of Alexandria.
  10. Blogger انا ادون هنا posted at 4:23 AM  
    انا امنيتي كسكندريه
    انهم يمنعوا دخول غير
    السكندريين الي ارض الوطن
    في الصييييييييف
  11. Blogger Mr-Biboooo posted at 11:21 AM  
    god bless alexandria

    اتمنى الغاء جميع الافتات من غرار تحية خاصة للسيد اللواء اللبيب عادل لبيب
  12. Blogger nomade posted at 7:42 PM  
    relax ya shabab ,the whole post is a very nice joke , but the bias and hatreda gainst" el fala7een " our fellow country people from the country side is very sad indeed .To the neo nazi who's ashamed of the teen and garab of the country side ,he can take his ass to switzerland tomorrow so they can show him his place .let's get real people, kolena fil hawa sawa .
  13. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 10:20 PM  
    Hi Nice Blog. !!!!!!!!!! I am from India. My son is working in Egypt. This summer I decide to go Egypt ,what is procedure for Egypt visa in India .let me know.
  14. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 10:11 AM  


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